Drive Atacama


Passion. Performance. Perfection. When you choose Atacama, you choose all three.

Our Shared Passion.

At Atacama, Defenders are our passion, and we suspect they are yours as well. Good news — you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve dedicated significant time to maintaining and repairing these custom Defenders, perfecting the art of full frame-off restoration and customization. As experts in body work, engine, and drivetrain services, we offer a meticulous restoration process that starts with selecting only the best vehicles and ends with the delivery of your fully custom vehicle and a companion book filled with photos documenting the entire restoration process.


Optimizing Performance

The performance-optimization process begins with selecting the right vehicle. At Actacama, we ONLY use authentic Defenders built on Solihull, England. (Please note we do not convert left-hand drive to right-hand drive.) Each of our vehicles undergoes a thorough restoration process, during which all parts are individually disassembled for preparation and painting. While maintaining the vehicle’s classical style and originality, we add touches of modernization, reliability, and comfort, ensuring optimal performance and an adventurous experience each time you drive.

Ensuring Perfection

When you want perfection, you want Atacama. Meticulous is too soft a word to describe our restoration process, which considers each minor detail and uses only the highest quality parts. This process begins with individually disassembling all parts for preparation and painting and ends with a complete and thorough inspection and road test. What’s in between is a full-scale restoration.